Saturday, June 6, 2009


This past weekend me and my friend Letitia made a trip to medicine hat and we decided to stay at the lodge hotel!When we got there we decided to look around to see if their were any hot guys.We didn't find any until that evening, we were lucky enough to get a balcony room. We found that it is very fun to sit on the balcony and laugh and talk. But when that evening came we saw a couple of really hot guys sitting right across from us on the porch and they started shooting their laser pointers on our balcony to catch our attention. So when we realized that it was them we started waving back at them. Then they would come like down to almost our floor and wave at us.But then they came down our hallway leaving a note at our door telling us their numbers.So we began texting them who knew that we could be such! I had such a wonderful weekend with my best friend Letitia ,shopping,and boys.