Sunday, May 31, 2009


This past weekend we went to Claresholm for a swim meet!Since we had to do a little driving to get there we decided that we would wake up at 5:30a.m . Grumbling and looking better than ever i trudged out of bed and down my ladder to the floor. Tired and dazed i looked around trying to figure out why i was up so early and what kind of stuff i would need for my swim meet.Finally i got everything in order and we were off. When we reached the Claresholm pool i was greeted by some team mates and we went to hope in the pool for warm up. Jumping into the water i was tired and unfocused but soon snapped out of it as the cold water quickly got my nerves and brain going!
My first event was the 100m freestyle(front crawl),and then i had 50m backstroke and then i had lunch. But throughout the day i was busy snacking on many varieties of food that would help me keep my energy up.This weekend was a day6 that we had been waiting and practising for ,for a whole month 1hour a day every other day and then 1 hour and a half for Tuesday and Thursday.Every other team had been doing the same and this was a chance to show off your new skills of the year.So going into it you are more competitive than ever you are looking to please your coach,teammates,parents,and yourself.
In the afternoon i swam a I.M (butterfly,backstroke,breaststroke,and front crawl),50m breaststroke and then we all headed home for a well deserved sleep. This week we begin training for next weekends swim meet which is in Pincher Creek!!!

i am so excited
p.s. i am sooo glad to have such a Wonderful coach!:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mommy love day!

I love mothers day it is a day to celebrate the moms in your life and to show them that you are grateful!I am especially lucky because on may 10 i get to wish my mom a happy birthday and a happy mothers day!I am so proud to be able to call Kimara white my mom.She gives me advice,comes places with me,and helps me to become a better person!I"m gonna share some of the characteristics my mom has that i some day want to achieve in this slide show!!

i am so grateful for the wonderful mom i have and wish her the best on her day today!!:)love ya tons Mommy...xoxoxoxox

Thursday, May 7, 2009

River Rafting Disater

This week Letitia and i decided to go on this river rafting trip with the grade nines,well we went into this thinking it was gonna be all fine and dandy but believe me it was worse than worse. So when we reached Calgary we also reached heavy rainfall and we were thinking oh yeah,we can do this it"s just rain.But when we got out of the bus we were hit by tidal wave of coldness,and were already shivering before we even started the trip.So it was already off to a rough start well obviously it could not get and worse,but then he led us down to the boats and fear struck!Well I've never been in a raft before i did not know what to expect it ended up being fine and things looked like they ,might get better but it didn"t get better and our hands were too numb to hold onto the t-bar of our paddle and so we started slowing down and getting even colder.Finally we reached the first part of our rafting trip and it was time to take a break for lunch.We all stripped out of our soaking wet rain jackets,boots,and sweaters and had lunch.Then we were done lunch we and we took a tour of the water treatment plant and i can tell you it is nasty!there was crap everywhere it"s an amazement that they get our water so clean.After that we decided that instead of rafting we would do some water tests so we all got our little kits out and began doing the tests!Well me and Letitia were assigned to take the temperature once we were done that we had to help this other girl who was looking for bugs!We could not read the darn instructions and have them make sense to us and so we waited for our guide to come around and help us!When he finally got to us he said "Did you even try to read them"he said with a questioning face saying (do you even know how to read)yes we did and they don't make sense.Well he started to give us a lecture on how this is a learning experience and how you don"t learn how to brush your teeth overnight.Well then we had to stick a net in the water and collect bugs while we got our samples but then we had to rinse them off into the bucket.I was holding the net over the bucket and rinsing the stuff into it and all of a sudden he grabs it from my hands and starts yelling at me cause i was doing it wrong!So this was one conflict but then at the end of the tour he was asking questions and no one from our group was answering because it was mostly grade 7's and so he said to his assistant that his group was dumb in front of everyone and all the kids in his group heard!So we had crappy weather and were stuck with a crappy rude guide this was not the field trip i expected and was not up to par.I was very disappointed but that's all right because i have tomorrow and our trip to the gault museum to make up for it!:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


In grade 4 i met a little girl named Letitia Wandler little did i know that i would soon be very good friends with her.We first met because we had the same colored scissors. After that we were insufferable and would go everywhere together. We have been friends for almost 4 years now and are expected to be friends for much longer. I told her that i was mormon and told her about my beliefs .I asked her to say oh my gosh instead of the other word it was nice that even when it sometimes slipped out she would apoligize and begin working on not saying it again. This is what i would call a good friend someone who will make life easier for you to live and make it easier to make good decisions.Since then Letitia and i have taken many trips together and have had many church activities together. Today people refer to us as Letitia and london,we dress the same,we think the same,and we like the same stuff!The reason i am writing this on my blog is to wish my best friend a very happy birthday!I am so lucky that when we went shopping for scissors i decided to get the pink ones because thats how i met the bestest friend ever!:)Hope you have a very happy birthday Letitia...HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!

this blog is dedicated to Letitia wandler my best friend ever!!!!!!:)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This year me and my friend letitia tried out for badminton and made the team. There was going to be a grasslands tournement at the end of April .So with a goal in mind we started practising and worked toward going to grasslands. On Monday a week before the tournement we had a minnie tournement in the school to see who made it to grasslands. We lost our first game but won our second and third .This guaranted us a spot in grasslands.Heads high badminton raquet in hand we marched over to St.Joes were the tournemnet was held.Letitia and i had the same shorts, shirt, and shoes on everyone thought that we were twins, it seems that when we wore the same outfit we were joined in victory and would hit the birdies that our partner could not reach.We made it to the finals and were going against our good friends ,who ever won ,they would go to zones. We ended up losing and were against a team that we had already beat, so we thought oh this will be a piece of cake...whatever they came out guns blazzing and beat us by five points.We ended up getting bronze! We went home with our heads held high and a medal around our neck.Yahh i am so proud of how well Letitia and i played:)