Sunday, May 31, 2009


This past weekend we went to Claresholm for a swim meet!Since we had to do a little driving to get there we decided that we would wake up at 5:30a.m . Grumbling and looking better than ever i trudged out of bed and down my ladder to the floor. Tired and dazed i looked around trying to figure out why i was up so early and what kind of stuff i would need for my swim meet.Finally i got everything in order and we were off. When we reached the Claresholm pool i was greeted by some team mates and we went to hope in the pool for warm up. Jumping into the water i was tired and unfocused but soon snapped out of it as the cold water quickly got my nerves and brain going!
My first event was the 100m freestyle(front crawl),and then i had 50m backstroke and then i had lunch. But throughout the day i was busy snacking on many varieties of food that would help me keep my energy up.This weekend was a day6 that we had been waiting and practising for ,for a whole month 1hour a day every other day and then 1 hour and a half for Tuesday and Thursday.Every other team had been doing the same and this was a chance to show off your new skills of the year.So going into it you are more competitive than ever you are looking to please your coach,teammates,parents,and yourself.
In the afternoon i swam a I.M (butterfly,backstroke,breaststroke,and front crawl),50m breaststroke and then we all headed home for a well deserved sleep. This week we begin training for next weekends swim meet which is in Pincher Creek!!!

i am so excited
p.s. i am sooo glad to have such a Wonderful coach!:)


  1. I am Super proud of you London. YOu have really developed as a swimmer! I think you look like an olympian!

  2. haha you forgot to exit out of my

  3. I am in awe of your talents ( seriously!) good luck with all of your sports- for the uncoordinated ( me) you knock my socks off!