Sunday, July 12, 2009

summer victory

This past week we went out to Crowsnest pass to quad and to go to the summer games! The quading was phenomenal and exhilarating. I was participating in the summer games swimming which was on Friday and Saturday. Early Friday morning i woke up at 6:17a.m worrying that my alarm had not gone off and that i was gonna miss the swim meet ,but i happened to have woken up 43 minutes to early.I could not get back to sleep no matter what i did because the nerves in my tummy were squirming around and having some kind of party! FINALLY!! my alarm went off and i was outta bed and getting into my swim suit and getting everything ready SUDDENLY i realized that i had not shaved my legs and arm pits yet so i run into the mossey's aunts cabin and do a quick shave because the last thing you want a t a swim meet is to have little black hairs protruding from noticeable places(legs and arm pits) So finally we are in the car and leaving to get there. When we arrived i had to jump into the freezing cold pool and warm up(not SO fun)...then they started the races mine was one of the first ones i had 400m freestyle i took off 10 seconds from my previous time giving me a 6.55 happy and pleased with myself i hurried over to check the standings(places).My heart fell when i looked and saw that i had come in last place with a 4th place standing and was half a second away from getting another bronze metal...but i had to shrug it off because i had my next event right away so i ran over to marshaling and was put into my proper lane. this was my 2nd race of the day and i hadn't even been there for less than an hour...getting on the block i was thinking about how everything should look and feel...The whistle went to get up on the block i got up and into my ready position soon the beeper went and we were off . Kicking as hard as i could i swam to the wall and did a two hand touch and a swivel around...i ended up coming in 9th out of 23 on my breaststroke...on to my next stroke i had backstroke with excitement i worked my way over to marshaling again( i was excited for this race because backstroke seems to be my best stroke)When i was marshaled i was put in the fastest heat so i knew the pressure was on....getting in the water and grabbing onto the pole i was thinking please let me do good in this race...the beeper went and everyone was kicking as fast and as hard as possible....i was doing terrific for the first 25m but then i had to do a backstroke flip turn(which i have major problems doing)so when i got to it ,it was perfect and i had a fast turn-over unlike another girl which put me in front of her securing me a spot in the finals....relief filled my heart as i climbed outta the pool and went to talk to my coach he had a big smile on his face and he asked me how i thought i did...i said smiling that i thought that it was terrific and he said yeah i agree with you...i made it too the finals in it because i got 6th place. My next event was the 100m freestyle this was not my forte and i don't know why i went in it but i did SO i had to try my hardest... getting on the blocks fear filled me what if i do really bad? or what if my time is worse than I've ever done...but luckily i ended up getting fifth which also put me in the finals!so my morning had been productive and had gotten me to 2 we just had relay which was SO fun! i love relays cause theres no pressure and your team is happy with you no matter what! So we ended up getting silver in our relay which consisted of Emmalyn,Kira,Alissa, and me! That was the very first medal i had ever one! but the afternoon came quickly and nervous and anxious we all were because it was finals and was the real thing. First was my backstroke which i had started out in 6th place when the race started i knew that i was never gonna beat the girls i was against...but i pushed through the pain of the last couple of meters which gave me a 3 rd place but it also had to do with the girl beside me who looked behind her to see how far from the wall she was which gave me time to barely out touch at the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glory filled my body as i figured out that i had just gotten 3rd making me the 3rd best backstroker in southern Alberta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next was my 100m freestyle which was pretty bad because i was exhausted from my long day of swimming ....but i got 6th place (but i still go with my place before cause it's what i would've had if i hadn't petered out) so i still say i got 5th making me the 5 best 100m freestyle swimmer in southern
I was SO proud of all I've accomplished and very happy that i finally was able to have the glory of winning a medal after 4 years of swimming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I can't wait for my next swimmeet to show how well i can really swim!!!!!!!!! :)

breaststroke time:49 seconds
backstroke time before finals:47 seconds -at finals:44.74 seconds 100m freestyle:1.29 minutes 400m:6.55 minutes relay:2.33.35 minutes


  1. and i cant wait til your next blog....way to go london keep up the fine work:) and congrats on your medals...xo

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! AMazing job swimming queen! If I drown at camp - you have to save me k?

  3. YYYYYIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE! Thats me yelling for joy! PPPPOOOOPPPPPP PPPPOOOOOPPPP That is my buttons popping off I am so proud!

  4. Awesome job London. And tell your mom to stop pooping on your accomplishments. :P

  5. yah kimara,,,,get velcroe instead of buttons...then they wont will be more like rrrriiiipppppppppp.........rrrrrrrriiiiiipppppp.......hehehe

  6. congrats Lonnie Poo :P looks like fun and those pics. are SAWEET!