Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day 95 living in Medicine hat

well i havn't updated my blog in a really long time! lots has happened over the past few months! First of all i moved to Medicine hat this year.It was a very emotional year for me never knowing if we were ever going to move. But this move has been good for me although i miss all my friends and Brooks and all the fun times we've had. i will have many more fun experiences living here . Our seminary class has around 12 people and those are just the people that are in grade 9. School has been great but it is soo big!! Luckily i have had my family beside me in this move as well as all of our friends. Letitia and Dela have been really good about coming to see us nad im soo glad i can keep their family as friends!! There have also been many welcoming families here! I am soo gald their are soo many more youth here, we have aroung 13 yw that come :) Basketball tryouts are coming up and i'm hoping i make the team otherwise i don't know what i will do. I'm take a second language course in school,i get to learn spanish,japanese,and french. I love it when people from Brooks come toi visit it's soo lonely not having people out on fridays or going somewhere on fridays! Living here will be way funner for dances because i will know everyone and be able tyo joke around with them. i love gym class i have a great teacher and he really works us hard sometimes. For our ward Christmas party me and Holly get to be santas helpers(elves)!!!! I hope evryone is doing well and hope i get to see everyone soon! i miss Brooks but am enjoying medicine hat !! :)


  1. Good job! It is fun seeing you blog again! Spelling ....not so good! I love you kiddo. I know change is hard. You have done amazingly well. You are a very special girl and I am so blessed to have you as my not so little girl!

  2. yay for new adventures! I think moving is fabulous since it really helps you understand 'new' people and appreciate what you have and new experiences and adventures! Definately treasure your 'old' friends and embrace the new! we love you and miss you too!

  3. your blog is we miss you tons...but never ever forget how special you are to our family as well...and please know you are welcome to come and visit whenever your little heart desires....we would luv to have you....always and forever our lonnie :) <3